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—— GuideMate?

We are a startup advice & support service designed to ignite peoples dreams & business ideas into effective, working and valuable businesses.  Guidemate provide our clients with comprehensive, individual & group business start-up lessons, strategic planning, design, marketing and business growth tracking along with our investment & micro-lending platform to ensure your business becomes a true success. 



—— In Safe Hands

It’s important you receive the right advice from proven experts. We’ve worked along aside & helped hundreds of people either begin their business journeys, establish and grow success or to invest in great ideas! Our team are trusted, real business experts, headed br Mr Ralph Harris.
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Whatever your business idea or startup needs, you’d quickly see the benefit of our hands-on expert advice to from our tailored classes, one to one advice, lending and support services.

Looking For Support?

With our one to one or group sessions, our speakers are experts in delivering real, hard-hitting advice to illustrate what steps are needed, what pitfalls to avoid, business set up processes, best practices & more! Topics covered in our classes include; Making the first step, Ideas into realities, The marketplace, Knowing your customer’s, Finances, Media, Marketing  & more.
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